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Re-creating some of the most incredible creatures on earth with one of the most versatile materials known. 

Capturing the grace, essence, splendor and uniqueness of every bird with wearable pieces of artwork.

The Birdjewelry piece seen on this site is handmade by Avian Artist Dawn Lucero using a truly unique type of synthetic material. 

There are NO molds or paints used.

The jewelry is strong, lightweight 
and washable.

 Also featuring custom orders, including "Family Flocks"   with all of your birds on a "one of a kind" necklace created just for you.

Please feel free to contact Dawn 
if you have any questions.

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Bird Jewelry by Dawn
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Exquisite Handmade Bird Jewelry by Dawn

Bird Jewelry by Dawn
Bird Jewelry by Dawn
Lovebird Coral Bing Necklace
Jeweled Bird Bling Gallery

Exquisite Handmade Bird Jewelry by Dawn